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New BJCP online entry exam

posted Apr 16, 2012, 9:05 AM by Midnight Brewers
We hope club members will consider taking the BJCP's new online entry exam, to expand your beer & brewing education, and possibly qualify as Beer Judges.  The online exam ($10) consists of 200 True/False and Multiple Choice questions, to be completed in one (1) hour.  Scoring is immediate, and is on a pass/fail basis.  If you fail, you can take it again (for another $10) after waiting at least a day.
But if you pass, you become a "provisional" beer judge.  You then will need to sit for the BJCP's new Beer Tasting Exam, which consists of juding six beers in 90 minutes.  Depending on the Tasting Exam results, you will become either an Apprentice (score <60), Recognized (score 60-69); or Certified (score >70).