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Tasting at the Byrds' Home

posted Jul 30, 2012, 6:01 PM by Debra Lyons
Hot August Beer Tasting at the Byrds' House in Woodbine
Saturday, August 25th
6:00 PM - 10 or 11
Official "Tasting Time" begins at 7:00 PM
Location:  1103 Hoods Mill Rd., Woodbine, MD 21797   cell incase you get lost:  410-615-2473
This will be a real "tasting" gathering and a cook-out.  We will provide the hamburger and hotdogs, buns, condiments, plates, napkins....  We welcome you to bring a side dish, salad, snackies, or dessert.  If you'd rather not bring food, we ask $5/member and $7/nonmember.
Bring 4 12-oz. bottles (or 48 oz in any container) of a HOMEBREW you would like to share in a small cooler which we will set aside in the house to be tasted by the whole group.  If you don't have homebrew (huh!?) buy a nice 6-pack of something homebrewers will like.  Your store bought beer will go on ice for anyone to drink starting at 6:00. 
Our beer guru, Steve Kranz, will start the tasting (@7:00) with a 10 min. presentation on what to look for when tasting to describe what you taste and some of the vocabulary that will be helpful to those whose beer is being tasted.  That will be followed by a light-to-dark beer blind tasting series.  Even the homebrewer might not know whose beer it is.  Be prepared--as a group-- to answer these questions:  What style beer is this?  What flavors do you detect?  Do you think this is YOUR beer?  Then the brewer can tell us (in a 30-second nutshell) all about what they did.  And on to the the next beer.  We will not be filling out any paperwork, just talking about each beer.  Meads are welcome and a good way to introduce non-meaders to mead.  We can mingle, refill plates with food after each tasting dialog.
Your club mug and maybe a small tasting glass for the sampling.
Your homebrew in a cooler with a slip of paper with your name, beer style and on a scale of 1-10 how dark it is.  10 being the cholate coffee stout.
Your spouse or S.O. (if they play well with other) Wine is welcome, too.
Your recipe in case anyone asks for details (or a pile of recipes if you think people will want to take one home.)
We probably have enough chairs or walls to sit on, but if you are particular, bring a chair.
Take your empty bottles home with you.  (Leave the full ones.) ;-)
If you don't have homebrew and you want a unique store-bought beer to be slipped into the tasting, email me and we can collaborate a real challenge for the group.
I might need some serving help, so let me know if you are willing to do a shift of pouring into the glass pitcher and serving.  I may need an extra clear glass pitcher, too. 
RSVP by Wednesday, Aug. 22 to