Maryland Microbrewery Festival Homebrew Competition

Welcome to the home of the Maryland Microbrewery Festival Homebrew Competition. This BJCP-sanctioned homebrew competition is conducted each year by the Midnight Homebrewers' League as part of the Maryland Microbrewery Festival, on the beautiful grounds of Union Mills Homestead in Westminster, Maryland.  The winning brewer's recipe is scaled up for commercial production by Dog Brewing Company for draft sales at Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants in Maryland.  Huge thanks go to our primary partners: the Union Mills Homestead, Dog Brewing Company, and Buffalo Wild Wings!

The 2014 competition was judged on Saturday, September 27, 2014 at the Union Mills Homestead.  This year there were several changes in this year's rules, including:
  • Reducing required bottles per entry from 3 to 2
  • Sour Beers were judged for the first time, though not eligible for Best of Show
The winners' list appears below.  We thank everyone who participated in this year's competition...entrants, Stewards, Staff, and Judges.  Hopefully everyone will come back for more this year.

Questions?  Email me.  Or ask me over a beer some time soon.  Cheers!

Steve Kranz

Competition Organizer

The winners list from the 2014 Competition (Best Of Show is in Red):

  1. Alan Hamm (Stevensonville)
  2. Matt Cline (Eldersburg)
  1. Jason Erickson (Woodstock, VA)
  2. Mark Cochran (Owings Mills)
 Belgian Strong:
  1. Gene Seyfferth (Owings Mills)
  2. John Fulton (Blacksburg, VA)
 Light Hibrids:
  1. George Mowell (Silver Spring)
  2. Andy Debenham (Manchester)
  1. Clarence Swann (Westminster)
  2. Charlie Heaps (Eldersburg)
 Specialty Beer:
  1. Devin Huck (Frederick)
  2. Kiel Macey (Pasadena)
 Scottish & Irish Ales:
  1. Steve Kranz (Westminster)
  2. Bob Rouse (Alexandria, VA)
  1. Luis Ponce (Leesburg, VA)
  2. Brian Gaylor (Columbia)
 Fruit Beer
  1. Michael Navas (Glenn Dale)
  2. Paul Hester (Westminster)
 American Ales:
  1. George Mowell (Silver Spring)
  2. Christopher Hanyok (Princess Anne)
 Wheat & Sours:
  1. Robert Place (Bethesda)
  2. Sam Hood (Acworth, GA)
 Herb, Spice, Vegetable Beer:
  1. Jeff Clark (Annapolis)
  2. Brian Gaylor (Columbia)
 English Ales:
  1. Jeff Clark (Annapolis)
  2. Jason Erickson (Woodstock, VA)

 Belgian & French Ales:
  1. Rob Klein (Pasadena)
  2. Lee Mahoney (Odenton)
 Smoked & Wood-Aged Beer:
  1. Paul Hester (Westminster)
  2. Steve Kranz (Westminster)

Below are the 2013 prize category and Best Of Show winners:

Light Lagers & Pilsners
  1. Charlie Heaps - German Pilsner
  2. Vaughn Miller - Munich Helles
Amber and Dark Lagers
  1. Alan Hamm - Schwarzbier
  2. Ben Emrick - Munich Dunkel
Specialty Beer
  1. Matt Ducey - Dark Magic
  2. Greg Reshetiloff - Gratzer
Smoke and Wood Aged Beer
  1. Anthony Erdman - Wine Barrel Saison
  2. Derick McElhaney - Bourbon Barrel Porter
English Brown Ales & Porters
  1. Steve Kranz & Neil Mezebish - Baltic Porter
  2. Lee Kexel - Robust Porter

Fruit Beers
  1. Rhonda Smith - Raspberry Tripel
  2. John Bacon - Peach Summer Ale
Herb, Spice, Vegetable Beers
  1. Daniel Corkran & Carl Davis - Rosemary Rye Beer
  2. Brent Machado - Pumpkin Ale
  1. Kerry Keene - Sweet Stout
  2. Coleman - Sweet Stout
Belgian & French Ales
  1. Frank Filteau - Petit Saison
  2. Tie
    • Jarrod Brennet - Saison
    • Robert Lindsay - Saison
American Ales
  1. Lee Mahoney - American Pale Ale
  2. John Bacon - American Amber Ale
  1. Derik McElhaney - Imperial IPA - 2014 Best of Show
  2. Jarrod Brennet - American IPA
Hybrid Beers
  1. Michael Hickey - Kolsch
  2. Lee Mahoney - Dusselforf Altbier
Belgian Strong Ales
  1. Lee Mahoney - Belgian Dark Strong
  2. Derick McElhaney - Belgian Dubbel
German Wheat & Rye Beer
  1. Alan Hamm - Weizen
  2. Bobby Jarvis & Nate Anderson - German Rye Beer
English, Scottish & Irish Ales
  1. Brent Machado - English Barleywine
  2. Lee Mahoney - Irish Red Ale

Below are the 2012 competition Winners

  1. Greg Reshetiloff - Dark American Lager
  2. Matthew Ducey - Dortmunder Export
English and Scottish Ales
  1. Warren Markert - Strong Scotch Ale
  2. Glenn Codner & Steve Kranz - Strong Scotch Ale
Porters and Stouts
  1. Wes Newton - Russian Imperial Stout
  2. Neil Mezebish & Steve Kranz - Russian Imperial Stout
Belgian Ales
  1. Matthew Crowne - Saison
  2. Steve Kranz - Saison

American Ales
  1. Seth Adams - American Amber Ale
  2. Greg Reshetiloff - American Pale Ale
Strong Ales
  1. Nate Anderson & Bobby Jarvis - American Barleywine
  2. Robert Getz - English Barleywine
Fruit, Vegetable, Herb and Spiced Beers
  1. Brian Scheerer - Christmas/Winter Specialty
  2. Greg Reshetiloff - Herb Beer
Belgian Strong Ales
  1. Justin Airing - Belgian Golden Strong
  2. Gary McNamara - Belgian Tripel
  1. Kyle Cogar - American IPA - Best Of Show
  2. Keith Lipford - American IPA
Imperial IPA
  1. Mark Girard - Imperial IPA
  2. Kurt Anderson - Imperial IPA
Wood-Aged and Specialty Beers
  1. Steve Kranz - Wheat Wine aged in Bourbon Barrel
  2. Kyle Cogar - Peanut Butter Porter

2011 Winners:

Best Lagers:

1st Place - Gary McNamara

2nd Place - Keith Lipford

Best Ales:

1st Place - Aaron Long

2nd Place - Michael Gorleski

Best Fruit Beers:

1st Place - Russ Lorber

2nd Place - Robert Jannsen

Best Of Show Winner for 2011:

Keith Lipford, Jake Cowperthwaite, Dave Hershey, Phil Tansill - Traditional Bock

2010 Winners:

Best Lagers:

1st Place - Steve Kranz

2nd Place - Gary McNamara

Best Ales:

1st Place - Eric Lyons

2nd Place - Ben Schwalb

Best of Show Winner for 2010:

Gary McNamara, German Pilsner

2009 Winners:

Category 18B – Belgian Dubbel:

1st Place – Geoff Butts & Kevin Mapp

2nd Place – Russ Lorber

Category 9C – Scottish Export 80:

1st Place – Steve Kranz

2nd Place – Eric Krichinsky

Best of Show Winner for 2009:

Steve Kranz, Scottish Export 80 Shilling Ale

2008 Winners:

Category 8 A. (English Ordinary Bitter)

1st Place:    Charlie Heaps

2nd Place:   Chris and Anna Rawa

Category 12 A. (Brown Porter)

1st Place:    Eric Lyons

2nd Place:   Aaron Herman

Best Of Show Winner for 2008:

Aaron Herman's Juggernaut Brown Porter