Carroll County, Maryland's Homebrew Club Since 1994

Since 1994, the Midnight Homebrewers' League has been Carroll County, Maryland's homebrew club, with members drawn from throughout Maryland, Southern Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Our membership is diverse, but we are united by two things: the love of great beer, and the desire to make it ourselves.

Although we have many serious brewers with years of experience, our club also caters to beginners. Homebrewers are eager to share their love of our hobby with anyone who will listen. We are generous with our time and look forward to showing new brewers how to make great beer at home, the very first time out. Even if you're not a member, please come to one of the brewing events shown on our calendar.

We are also the organizing club for the annual Maryland Microbrewery Festival Homebrew Competition.

The Maryland Microbrewery Festival is scheduled for Saturday, September 30th, 2023.

Please browse our site and if you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you.

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Pints for Prostates

And while you're here, please consider visiting our partners, GrogTag and the American Homebrewers Association (AHA).

GrogTags are vinyl, reusable labels that are perfect for bottles, growlers, carboys and kegs. They also produce custom coasters, signs, bottle caps, place mats, and permanent keg stickers. We saw them at the National Homebrewers Conference and were very impressed! Upload your own designs or use one of theirs. The best option is to create blank labels that you can write on with dry erase markers, move them from carboy to keg, and wipe them clean to re-use for your next batch!

American Homebrewers Association membership (which is not a part of your MHL club membership) includes:

  • Zymurgy magazine, the best homebrewing magazine out there (Digital or Print)

  • Pub discounts around the country

  • Members Forum

  • Discounted purchase of Brewers Publications books

  • Access to tickets to AHA conferences and the Great American Beer Festival

By clicking the member link in the photo it, helps our club each time it is used for new members to join the AHA


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